Our Commitment

Our core operations comprise the provision of utility services that are essential for daily life and support the growth, development and resilience of the communities where we operate.

Our roots lie in our origins as Malaysia’s first independent power producer, with two natural gas-fired power stations in Paka and Pasir Gudang, addressing the power shortages facing the country in the mid-1990s, utilising one of the least carbon intensive fossil fuels commercially available at the time.

Today, our operations encompass water and sewerage services in the UK, power generation and multi-utility operations in Singapore and high-speed telecommunications in Malaysia, as well as investment holding activities in the UK, Jordan, Netherlands and Indonesia. Ventures under development by our subsidiaries include the Brabazon property project in the UK, solar energy and green data centers, as well as digital banking. This is in line with our shift towards renewables and sustainable energy solutions.

YTL Power International Berhad is a key subsidiary of the YTL Corporation group of companies and our ESG commitment is reflected in the YTL Group-wide ethos of ‘Building the Right Thing’. This commitment is embedded in our value chain and business practices to create positive long-term impacts for our stakeholders. There is also regular assessment, review and feedback of ESG issues in line with the YTL Group’s practices and policies.

Our future success and reputation will continue to be shaped and measured not only by our economic performance, but will also be influenced by the social and environmental consequences of our decisions and actions for all our stakeholders.

We continue to place a strong emphasis on managing our businesses responsibly and with integrity. Our commitment to sustainable practices is a fundamental component of our strategies to achieve our growth objectives and balance business opportunities and risks to create lasting value for all stakeholders.

A snapshot of our key ESG priorities, objectives and targets derived from our ongoing materiality assessment process is set out below.

ESG - Our Commitment